Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to young Nigerians: Learn a Foreign Language

The Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo has called on young Nigerians to learn foreign languages as a way of preparing themselves for opportunities ahead of them in life.

Osinbajo spoke at the 10th convocation of the Lead City University, Ibadan where 590 students were awarded first degree certificates in various disciplines on Thursday. Among them, 39 students graduated in the first class category.

Miss Mary Olukorede was adjudged the best graduating female while Amedu Anthony was announced as the best graduating male student.

In His Speech, the Vice President shared few of life’s most important lessons he has learnt in life. He advised that talent, an excellent degree, even coming from a well-off family, does not mean success and certainly does not mean greatness. He spoke on the importance of character which he defined as the difference between success and failure, mediocrity and excellence.

Osibajo further encouraged young people to prepare themselves for opportunities ahead noting that to seize opportunity, one must be prepared. Most people have great hopes and dreams. But they are hardly ready for the opportunity when it comes’

He advised young Nigerians hoping to work with International Organisations to learn a foreign language as a way of preparing themselves for opportunities ahead of them in life. ‘So there are some here who will say I want to work in an international organization, may be the United Nations, and you know that to stand a good chance, you need a second language apart from English. So if you haven’t started yet, now is the time to learn French, Spanish, or even Chinese. So you won’t be like the young man who was asked if he spoke a second language and he said yes, English and Itsekiri’ He said.

FULL TEXT of his Speech is available here    

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