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Building Nations Initiative-BNI (formerly Better Nigeria Initiative) is a youth work and community development youth led association that is committed to raising a new generation of young people that will be the builder of a better society. We do this by strengthening communities through the education, engagement and empowerment of young people as change agents in the society.

Formerly Better Nigeria Initiative, BNI started at the University of Ibadan in 2009 as a students’ association working towards empowering students as change agents in the society. The association later metamorphosed from being a students’ association into a youth led association existing as both campus and community network.

Vision: To raise a new generation of young people that will be the builder of a better society.

Mission Statement: To be a leading platform for positive development of young people.


  1. To influence children and young people with the virtue, competence and skill required for effective ethical and civic leadership.
  2. To create a platform for active and creative young citizens engagements in community development and nation building.
  1. To promote inclusive and equitable access of marginalized children to quality education, early childhood development and lifelong learning opportunities.
  2. To equip children and young people with the life skills, resources and tools needed for personal, community and national development.
  3. To strengthen communities and improve quality of life through education, engagement and empowerment of young people as actors in sustainable development practice


Thematic operational fields


  1. Education, Lifelong learning and Skills development: We believe that education is the most powerful tool for nation building and positive youth development. Furthermore, we believe in lifelong learning and skills development as a strategic approach towards sustaining positive youth development.
  2. Values Education and Civil leadership: We believe that young people have the power to create positive change in their community. An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.
  3. Youth entrepreneurship and Empowerment: We believe that promotion of youth entrepreneurship and skills empowerment are the sustainable solutions to youth unemployment and sustainable livelihood.
  4. Wellbeing and health promotion: We believe that health is wealth, and the wellbeing of every young people is the first approach to positive youth development.
  5. Sport for Development and Peace (SDP): we believe in the power of Sports towards achieving developmental, humanitarian and peace building objectives.



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