Demographics of FACE Beneficiaries

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The Food Aid in COVID-19 Emergency FACE Project aims at supporting low-income households and those working in informal economy.

Considering the limited fund available and the widely spread demand for food aid and relief materials during the coronavirus pandemic, we conducted needs assessment for families requesting for the FACE Food Aid to identify most vulnerable households. Needs were assessed based on number of dependents, marital status, employment status, and how the COVID pandemic affected their work.

For Phase One, a total of 246 families made requests and were assessed accordingly, however 150 households were selected as beneficiaries.

Data obtained from the indicates beneficiary demographics as follows:

According to marital Status of index beneficiary representing a household, 16.8% are widowed, 4.2% divorced, 66.3% married, and 12.6% are single parents.

Employment status: 65.6% of the beneficiaries are self-employed, 3.1% are unemployed, and 31.3% are employed.

Family Size and Structure: Beneficiary families had an average of 5 persons per household.The mean age of index beneficiaries was 41 years, and 73.3% of index beneficiaries representing respective households are female, while 25.7% are male. Data obtained also revealed high family size in some households with income below what is able to sustain the family (in reference to $1.25 poverty line per each persons in the household).

For more insight on the beneficiary demographics, kindly check the info-graphics below

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