Excellence in Leadership Program

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Excellence in Leadership Program eLEAP, is designed to help student leaders develop and cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to influence their space positively while impacting lives in their immediate civic domain. The objective of this workshop is to promote leadership excellence in the administration of student associations and other youth led initiatives. The program will guide student leaders on how to translate their leadership experience to a globally relevant scale. eLEAP is organized by Building Nations Initiative (BNI) in partnership with West African Youth Exchange Council through the support of Global School of Language and Culture.

Leadership education of university students is an important process within higher education institutions. To succeed after university, students need more than just academic intelligence and specific job skills. In today’s organizations, they are looking for experienced leaders that are ethical, well-organized communicators with the ability to motivate and energize others. Individuals who have positive leadership experiences within student organizations take those skills into adulthood as they journey through life.


eLEAP is a four week program commencing with hands-on leadership workshop, and a follow-up peer learning, and capacity strengthening mentorship engagement. Participating students will examine some of today’s most critical leadership issues and challenges, and develop skills to make a difference as current student leaders and future leaders in the society. Students will interact with renowned former student leaders and youth activists known for their impact and contributions to society. There will be a strong focus on leadership through collaboration and partnership. Participants will gain a broad perspective on leadership and build skills to help in their careers in any field and gain insights that will allow them to contribute to social and economic wellbeing of their associations.

The major program themes include:

  • Goal setting: Student leaders will learn various steps involved in developing a vision for their associations such as brainstorming, drafting, reviewing and incorporation.
  • Working in Teams: The power of collaboration for leaders and leadership;
  • Leading Change: The role of leaders and leadership in social change, and the challenges of leading change in their respective associations.
  • Partnership and resource mobilization: Participants will also learn how to recognize, facilitate, and mobilize resources for their organization.

By participating in the program, students leaders will receive:

  • A unique experience working with peers from diverse backgrounds;
  • The opportunity to learn in an intensive format from top youth leaders about key leadership challenges;
  • Access to mentorship and partnership opportunities to support organisation’s project.
  • A letter of accomplishment and a certificate to complement the student’s leadership record;
  • Participation in a unique community of program alumni; and
  • Ongoing interaction and contribution to future cohorts of the Excellence in Leadership Program, helping to form a network of future leaders.

Tokunbo Salako

Public Policy Analyst and Former Student Union President, University of Ibadan.

Tiamiyu Ibrahim

National Director of Training, Junior Chambers International (JCI), Nigeria.

Ajiroba Oladipupo Daniel

Director, Caribbean African Canadian Social Services, Onatario, Canada

Adelabu Adeola

South West Director, Junior Chambers International (JCI) Nigeria

Precious Adebola

Senior Research Fellow, Building Nations Initiative (BNI).

Raksha Pooja

Chairperson, National Youth Council of Mauritius, and Admissions Officer, African Leadership University Mauritius.

John Oluwadero

President/CEO, Building Nations Initiative (BNI).


Date: Saturday 15th of June, 2019.

Time: 9am to 3pm.

Target Participants:

Two representatives of executive council of each Faculty within the University of Ibadan.

Two representatives from the executive council of each Hall of Residence within the University of Ibadan.


Interested students’ associations are kindly required to fill the registration form Registration for Excellence in Leadership Program. Afterwards, letter of invitation and leaflet brochure will be sent to respective organisations informing them to forward the names of their choice representatives by mail.

Deadline for registration is Friday 7th June, 2019.