BNI launch Food Aid in COVID-19 Emergency F.A.C.E.

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Help Us make hope for the next meal available for the needy.

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), identified as a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has crippled the entire world. Several preventive measures have been put forward, of which social distancing remains the foremost. Many governments around the world, including the Oyo State Government, have enforced social distancing with “stay at home” orders and restrictions in movement.

These measures have affected the daily means of livelihood of many families with children to feed, making them most vulnerable in times like this, with no option than to ‘hope for their next meal’.

For hope to be tangible in the future, it has to be felt in the present.

As an organisation that believes in bringing hope in times of need to the most vulnerable, BNI has launched her Food Aid in COVID-19 Emergency (F.A.C.E).

Through F.A.C.E, we are reaching out to six neighbourhoods in our host community – Abadina, Agbowo, Samonda, Bodija, Ajibode, and Orogun, where we will be meeting the needs of:

  1. Students/young people in need of food supplies
  2. Vulnerable families in need of food supplies


Food Drive Logistics Structure:

F.A.C.E operates a decentralized food aid in emergency humanitarian logistics cycle, which involves the voluntary engagement of F.A.C.E Champions who retrieve donated food items in their host communities, and then distribute them to those in need in their neighbourhood. The donation and distribution cycle is monitored, managed, and evaluated through a central humanitarian logistics and supply chain management team who work remotely from home.


How you can help:

A. Become a F.A.C.E Champion:

By volunteering to work as a F.A.C.E Champion in your neighborhood, you are making a commitment to bring hope to the needy in difficult times like this.

There are two categories of F.A.C.E Champions:

F.A.C.E Neighbourhood Champions: These volunteers will retrieve donated food items from donors, and distribute them to the needy in their neighborhood. For cash donations received, purchased food items shall be delivered to the respective champions in their neighbourhood for further distribution to the needy.  Champions shall be trained on basic protective measures, and shall also be provided with the essential protective kits (i.e. nose masks, hand sanitizers, gloves etc) as they go out to bring hope to the needy.

F.A.C.E Online Champions: These volunteers will harness their influencing and networking skills through the use of their various social media platforms towards mobilizing support for the Food Aid in COVID-19 Emergency.

We believe COVID will soon be over. In this spirit, all volunteers shall be duly recognized and appreciated on our social media platforms and also at a F.A.C.E Champion Dinner after the COVID-19 emergency. All volunteers will also receive a participation certificate.

To volunteer as FACE Champion in your neighborhood as mentioned above, kindly fill this form FACE Champion Volunteer Form or call the FACE Coordinator for your neighborhood.

Abadina/Ajibode/: 08063095330 (Seyi)

Barika/Orogun: 09078632533 ( Femi)

Agbowo/Samonda/Bodija: 09093529463 (Rachel)


B. Donate food items/Cash:

The success of the F.A.C.E project hinges firmly on the availability of food items to distribute to the needy.

We welcome donations of the following food items:

Rice, Beans, Yam, Sphagetti, Noodles, Semovita, Beverages (milk, Milo/ Bournvita etc), Vegetable Oil, and Palm Oil.

Others: Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap, face masks, gloves and other toiletries.

If you are unable to donate food items, cash donations are welcomed.

To make your donation, kindly fill this FOOD DRIVE FORM

Or call the FACE Coordinator for your neighborhood.

Abadina/Ajibode/: 08063095330 (Seyi)

Barika/Orogun: 09078632533 ( Femi)

Agbowo/Samonda/Bodija: 09093529463 (Rachel)

Cash donations can be made to:

Account Name: Better Nigeria Initiative BNI (now Building Nations Initiative BNI)

Bank: First Bank Nigeria

Account Number: 3096533395


C. Share the #FACECampaign :

Not everyone will have the capacity to donate or volunteer, but we believe there is something you can do. We need your help to share our campaign with your friends and family, and particularly on your social media platforms. By sharing on your Facebook, WhatsApp status, Instagram and Twitter, you are bringing hope to those in dire need in these difficult times.


Thank you for your act of kindness.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Good initiative, I’m ready to be a volunteer as a member of editorial CDs

  2. I am not in Ibadan and I will like to be a F.A.C.E champion in my neighborhood.

  3. This is a really good initiative, I would love to be a part of this but I can only be a FACE champion and it would be nice if it can be extended to Kogi state or Abuja

  4. Thanks for your kind gesture

  5. This initiative is encouraging. I will like to be a Face champion in my neighborhood. Akobo precisely.

  6. This initiative is encourage. I will like to be Face champion in my neighborhood at Akobo Ibadan.

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