#FACEImpactStory: Feedback from Beneficiaries

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Food Aid in COVID-19 Emergency FACE aim is to provide food support to the underprivileged during the lockdown period.

Feedback received from beneficiaries of the program have been positive and encouraging. Beneficiaries were grateful and happy. They shared their gratitude in texts and calls to declare how thankful they were, retailing good wishes and prayers.

During the distribution, the Coordinators had very few challenges with people who thought that they came from the government. Their reaction however changed when they realised that the aid was provided from the contribution of individuals who cared and are passionate.

Some beneficiaries explained they almost doubted the initiative, but decided to try it out and put out a request.

A beneficiary told the Coordinators that she could not hold her tears, beseeching goodness upon everyone who had contributed one way another to put smiles on the faces of her children.

One beneficiary confessed that he was at the brink of hopelessness, when FACE got to him. He mentioned that he had just exhausted every grain he had in his possession, and was overwhelmed and beyond words when he was given a kit.

The nation suffers an abject state of hunger and poverty. This is in addition to a dwindling economy. It is necessary that we all do our part to reduce the rate of suffering.

In all, the beneficiaries were extremely glad that FACE came through for them.

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