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As part of its efforts as a youth-led youth work organisation, the Building Nations Initiative (BNI) trained members of its Media and Communications Working Group on global positioning strategies on 29th August, 2019.

The 6-hour session, led by the Head of Media and Communications, Mr Oluwatobi Oso exposed the members to how to create compelling content online using storytelling techniques, proven public relations strategies, social media management, and basic video editing tools.

The practical session also enabled the members to see how they could publish contents on online platforms while optimizing their presence in search queries; leveraging on online tools to acquire right skills for employability, among others.

In the course of the training, Mr Oso advised the youth workers to always make good use of the internet. According to him, global positioning is key and being on the internet is the best thing.

In the same regard, he charged them to take advantage of opportunities that are available to advance their goals as far as youth growth and development is concerned.

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