#MyFACEExperience: Neighbourhood Coordinators ( Agbowo, and Abadina)

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Participating in FACE project was fulfilling for me. I am glad to have shared in the happiness and smile on the faces of the beneficiaries. I am happy to be part, and happy to help bring out those smiles.

The mission made me realized how people go hungry everyday, and how people are managing to be strong and survive one day at a time. To many of the beneficiaries, the food aid was just an answered prayer.

Happy to be part, and blessed to help.

Olabisi Eunice
(Neighbourhood Coordinator – Agbowo)




The FACE project was a fulfilling assignment for me. With the help of neighbourhood champions I was able to put smiles on beneficiaries faces. Through the project, I learnt the altruism part of volunteering. I also learnt how best to work under stress, and manage people. I would love to be involved in the future if any such lofty project comes up.

Firin Oyelude.
Neighbourhood Coordinator (Abadina)

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