We gladly welcome your teenager to join our Nation Builders Club every Saturday

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How prepared is your child for life?

Nation Builders Club offers an opportunity for teenagers (JSS3 – SS3) to cultivate the values, life skills and relationships that leads to positive behaviors, better health and educational achievement.

The Club helps teens discover their full potential as leaders. It is a safe place where teens from all over the University of Ibadan community and her environs can come and simply be themselves. It aims at preparing teenagers as responsible and active citizens of the society that are well equipped for the future.

The key component of the program includes life skills education, values learning through Sports, skills development and education for sustainable development. Our goal is to challenge them to serve the community and to help them grow in who they are and lead where they are.  In Nation Builders Club, teens receive leadership training and learn the importance of social responsibility and service to others. Members participate in community events, service projects and have the opportunity to go on field and service trips.

The Club meets on Saturdays (3pm-4pm)

To register click the link below


For enquiries kindly call 0809 475 9643, 07066387876, 0818 944 6450
Email: bninigeriahq@gmail.com

Visit us at

The Nation Builders Centre, John Paul II Building, Opposite University Bookshop, University of Ibadan

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