Public Announcement : FACE is not a government sponsored project

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We want to inform the general public that the Food Aid in Covid-19 Emergency (FACE) is not in any way sponsored or supported by the Government of any State or the Federation. It is just the effort of our organisation, Building Nations Initiative, in partnership with other youth-led organisations and some notable individuals who are mostly young Nigerians.

We intend to reach out to every vulnerable family in every location, but we have limited resources. That informed our decision to focus on the MOST vulnerable and needy families. We cannot support every request that would be made.

For the pilot phase of the project, we will be targeting Abadina, Agbowo, Orogun, Barika, Bodija and Ajibode neighbourhoods in IBADAN. We will, nonetheless, extend our reach when we receive the support needed to execute such moves.

We are, however, calling on individuals, organisation and/or government agencies who are interested in supporting us to reach out to us via 07066387876. Donations can be made online via or to our First Bank Account – 3096533395, Account Name – Better Nigeria Initiative (now Building Nations Initiative).

Thank you for your understanding.

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