TOLP partners BNI to offer youth corps members N4 million scholarships for global skills training.

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The global COVID-19 crisis is challenging the economy of countries across the globe. Many individuals are confronted with additional multiple threats, including job loss, hunger, domestic abuse, and mental health. As economic activities in the country reopen, it is expedient that young people build global skills that are essential for employability and resilience in a post-COVID global economy.


To help address this need, The Oluwadero Legacy Project TOLP has launched a $10, 000 (N4 million) worth of scholarships for 250 young Nigerians undergoing the National Youth Service Corps NYSC, to develop global competence skills and language proficiency.  TOLP is a memorial project set up to honour the legacy of Late Pastor Joseph and Late Deaconess Deborah Oluwadero.

Through the scholarships, selected TOLP scholars will be enrolled for global skills and language proficiency courses at Global School Africa, a leading provider of global competence training in Africa. The scholarship will be managed by Building Nations Initiative BNI, and shall support 25 youth Corp members in 10 cohort rounds to participate in the Certificate Program in Language for Diplomacy, from fall 2020 to fall 2023.

LAD is an intensive three-month global skills and language training program specifically designed to strengthen cross-cultural competence and promote access to global opportunities through multilingualism and immersive cross-cultural experience.

Not only does the ability to speak another language allow young people to stand out from the crowd but it also significantly increases the amount of opportunities available to them.

We live in an increasingly globalized society, where many employers are multi-national companies who need employees who can easily communicate with international contacts or clients. As a result, intercultural awareness and strong cross-communication skills are great assets. The diplomacy component of the course would enhance participants’ global competence skills through its rich curriculum in cultural diplomacy, humanitarian diplomacy, and public diplomacy.

Scholarship Categories:

Full Scholarship: 50 out of the 250 scholarship shall cover 100% tuition.

Partial Scholarship: TOLP shall cover 50% tuition for 200 youth Corp members who may have difficulty in paying for the programme.

Available languages are French, Chinese, German, and Sign Language. You can only enroll in one of the available languages.

Interested youth corp members are encouraged to fill the Application for TOLP Scholarship form.

There is no need to apply for the LAD Program on Global School Africa website. Selected TOLP Scholars will automatically be enrolled for the program. 

Deadline for (fall 2020 entry): Thursday 15th October 2020

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